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About us

Marion Argi



Crazy about sports and the "healthy lifestyle", Marion decided to develop One Step More to help professionals from the sports, nutrition and wellness industries get in touch with their potential clients. All this adventure and project has been possible thanks to the impressive support of her family and Tam Tam Communications. 


After graduating from the University of Miami, Business School, with a Bachelor in Business Management, Marion joined the team organizing the World Golf Championship in Doral, Florida. This great experience then led her to work with the Marketing Team of the European Tour for the Ryder Cup, this prestigious event during which the best European golfers play the best Americans. 


Thanks to these various experiences, Marion then joined the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations, as PR and Communication Officer. Following thisincredibly enriching job, Marion had the opportunity to start her own Sports Management company, representing professional golfers including the young and talented spaniard, Carlota Ciganda. During her time with Marion, Carlota won two important tournaments, as well as a qualification for the Solheim Cup (Women's Ryder Cup), the title of Best Player of the Year as well as the Rookie of the season. 


For the last couple of years, Marion has been working in the family business in textiles, while developping her own projects, such as One Step More. 


Tam-Tam Communications S.A.



A warm thank you to Tam-Tam Communications and its leader, Philippe Mottaz!

Responsible for all the communication strategy, the design of the logo, the graphic chart as well as the website, Tam-Tam is a very active agency in the French side of Switzerland, especially in the sports department. It indeed takes care of ice-hockey clubs (including LHC), soccer clubs, golf, ski and Basketball. 


Managed by an entire team of high-level athletes, Tam-Tam Communications is the perfect agency for the development of One Step More, as it understands the project, the concept and all the needs around it!