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Beyond Illusions

Prof de Yoga & Life Coach
Chemin du Chateau-Sec 2
1009 Pully
Phone: +41 79 416 13 43
Langues: French English
Diploma: Ashtanga Yoga & Certified Self-Empowerment Coach

Beyond Illusions - Time for change


A small, yet incredibly caring business, set up to fill the ever-increasing need for practical, heartfelt and effective tools for self-transformation. On offer are a variety of yoga and life-coaching self-empowerment programs, so that individuals like you may learn to reach their fullest potential and infuse their life with meaning.


An intrinsic part of the human condition is our interminable search for happiness. We carry out this search by striving for success in areas such as financial status, intellectual achievement, physical beauty and social acceptance. We continually strive to fulfil our desire for material possessions and pleasurable experiences.


However, there comes a point where we realize that these external sources of satisfaction offer us only fleeting moments of happiness. We suffer disappointment when our exterior sources of happiness dry out or lose their power to satiate and begin to feel a sense of dissatisfaction with life, that may appear as Stress, anxiety, lack of purpose, direction & motivation, deteriorating health, etc


We forget that the most important aspect of life is inside. This is where Beyond Illusions’ yoga and self-empowerment programs aim to help ignite and feed the flame of true and lasting fulfilment – something that you generate from within; the source of which is infinite.


Learn how to be present and experience mindfulness. It is now time for a change.