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Body&Health training

Personal Trainer
Route de Lavaux 109
1095 Lutry
Phone: +41 78 682 77 27
Langues: French English

Thanks to his experience of over 10 years in the world of fitness and wellness, Thierry can offer you efficient and intense workouts, combining both the physical as well as the mental aspects. Moreover, his broad knowledge in nutrition will help you reach your goals in a healthy and constructive way, for long term results.

Thierry works with a team of highly professional people, allowing you to have the best in each category of the wellness industry. He will guide you with his team towards a healthier and more energetic version of yourself.


His Commitments:

You chose your objective, and together we will walk the path towards success. You will be taken care of someone from our team who will have your goal as his/her specialty (weight loss, physical performance etc). 


His specialties:

Guiding my clients towards the most appropriate coach to help you reach your goals


His Moto:

Whatever a man can conceive in his mind, he can achieve.  

I have trained with Thierry for more than six years. He is very professional and sees your strenghts and weaknesses and adapts the training after that. Check him out.