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Fit 'n' Tasty

Cure détox de jus de fruits et légumes BIO et fraîchement pressés à froid
Livraison partout en Suisse
1000 Lausanne
Phone: +41 78 847 11 56
Langues: French English
Diploma: Fit 'n' Tasty

Perfect for people who want to revitalize and purify their bodies after a period of excess


Our daily eating habits do not always allow for the proper elimination of harmful toxins. Elimination is important for the maintenance of our health, vitality and energy – as well as helping us lose those extra kilograms. By consuming only fruit and vegetables for a period of time and flushing our system out with enough water, the body can efficiently eliminate toxins and restore its internal balance.


Fit 'n' Tasty offers detox cleanse programs of organic fruits and vegetables, freshly cold pressed and delivered to your door accross Switzlerand:


- 5 or 6 fruit and vegetable cold-pressed and fresh juices per day

- Choice of duration: 1, 3, 5 or 7 days

- A selection of fresh & organic fruits and vegetables, sourced locally whenever possible

- Delivered all at once (1 or 3 days programs), in two (5 days program) or three deliveries (7 days)

- Includes easy recipe ideas for lunch (for First Date programs)

Tous les jus sont délicieux et la cure fait un bien fou ! Je recommande à tous ceux qui souhaitent se revitaliser. On se rend compte de l'importance d'une petite pause de notre système et des bienfaits des fruits et légumes frais et bio. Bravo a Fit n Tasty !!!
A perfect detox before the end of year festivities Thanks One Step More for the tip !!