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Sebastien Seloron

Personal Trainer
Route de Lavaux 109
1095 Lutry
Phone: +41 79 102 44 12
Langues: French English

I started playing and enjoying sports at a very young age, including handball, football and track and field, and have always been very social. 

For the past 4 years, I am now a sports coach with an international diploma ; the BPJEPS APT. I keep gaining knowledge and training in various methods, such as Les Mills and TRX and have followed specific trainings for Bootcamp, Nutrition, Body Boxing and RIP Trainer. 


My life Philosophy:

Our body and spirit are one and it is not always easy to find the correct balance in today’s society. My goal is to help you find this balance.

I will motivate you and push you in a healthy and fun atmosphere. I will guide you with the best tips you can get from a sports coach, to balance your metabolism, and get the best of your workouts. Expect to see results from all your efforts!


My Moto:

No Pain, No Gain