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Didier Beuchat

Personal Trainer
Ch. des 3 Trègles 3
1630 Bulle
Phone: +41 78 827 48 80
Langues: French Deutsch English

Didier is a sports instructor, with a diploma from the Federal School of Macolin, Switzerland.


He has been active in various sports for over 20 years, starting with the discus throwing for Swiss Atheltics. He then trained a Basketball team for 5 years, winning the national title in 2003 with his team, Basketball Club de Boncourt. Didier regularly trains athletes of all levels in various sports, including tennis, ice hockey and bodybuilding.


Fun, conscientious and extremely capable, Didier will help you reach your goals thanks to his knowledge, experience and seriousness. 




Track and Field ,snowski

General physical training with a specific objective

Rehab post surgery as well as posttraumatic

Diagnostic of performance




Find the best way to reach your objectives taking into consideration you past, your experience as well as your potential




Citius, Altius, Fortius, certes … without using any illegal drugs!!