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Fr En

Ludovic Dreyfuss

Personal Trainer
Route de Lavaux 109
1095 Lutry
Phone: +41 79 815 02 18
Langues: French English

We often imagine that personal trainers have always been fit and full of self-confidence. That’s not true, at least, not for me!

I can understand you better than anyone, as I used to ask myself those same questions; How will I ever manage to reach my objectives? Will I ever get a flat stomach? And if I start working out, will I be ridiculous? Will I stop after a couple months?


Once you take that first step towards a new life, you will never regret it! I changed my life and I am committed to bring you through the same successful path. I can identify to your frustrations and difficulties and I therefore can help you through each stop of the process. 


Being a Personal Trainer is my passion and together, we will reach your objectives.