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The Room Studio

Movement Studio
Chemin de la Vuachere 12
1005 Lausanne
Phone: 079 9631387
Langues: English

One day you might feel that movement or freedom of movement which “was once taken for granted"​ has left your body. Maybe you have had an accident and due to that you are unable to move, or you might be in pain and your ability to move is reduced.
Your body might suddenly feel "old"​ when others your age are still agile and active. 
Or you can no longer improve yourself in your sport, maybe you are getting frequently injured, or when you train you are unable to challenge yourself and cannot reach the next level.

The good news is that there is a way to get Movement back, improve your performance and become pain free again. 
By learning and exercising specific movements, your brain is able to make new connections and change the old destructive or "less than ideal"​ movement patterns. 
After an accident you are able to recreate these lost patterns and learn to move again, you are able to become pain free and reclaim your life and up-your-game in sports. You will be amazed by the renewal capacity of your body!
Let's be clear however. This is not a quick fix promise. It will be a lot of work and it won't be easy, but if you're ready for the challenge, we can't wait to walk that road with you.


The Room Studio, Movement Studio for Strength, Movement and Physical Injury Recovery, based in Lausanne Switzerland. Offers private classes to restart the functional movement system.

We work with a wide variety of people: from those recovering from Spinal Cord Injuries and strokes, to high level athletes, but also helping "normal"​ people become free from structural and post operation pain.

Working with The Room Studio is the one single best thing you can do for yourself... really. Better than any other exercise program out there. Mixing extensive knowledge of the human body and health, the results were immediate and lasting. In two sessions I was off my pain meds and in a year now I'm pain free and my whole body feels strong and a lot better than it has in 20 years. I can only highly recommend The Room to everyone who is ready to work hard and take charge of their health, even if you think you're beyond help... especially if you think you're beyond help!