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Coach Nutrition

Nutritioniste diplomée
1000 Lausanne
Phone: 079-368 62 01
Langues: French English
Diploma: Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach

Birgit’s coaching method is all about passion and enthusiasm making nutritional changes fun. By taking small steps towards optimum nutrition and health, her clients understand where energy comes from and that optimum nutrition is the best fuel for life. She helps them recognise the link between great health and optimising performance, as well as happiness at work and in their private lives. Adopting a personal approach, cooking classes and health workshops are her favourite coaching tools. Birgit believes in keeping things simple, practical and effective. Instead of nutrition being a rigid discipline focusing on restriction and perfection, she believes it should be about great well-cooked food, and about both celebration and balance! Birgit strongly believes that good nutrition leads to a great life – once your energy and health are sorted – you can reinvent yourself and live an exciting, fulfilled life to the full!


Her experience with health matters such as IBS and other digestive disorders, weight loss, hormone imbalance, anti-ageing, stress and exhaustion (adrenal fatigue) will help her clients realise that achieving positive results does not need to be complicated.


Clients appreciate Birgit’s help in identifying what is holding them back in achieving their goals and how to make the necessary steps to optimum health and great energy levels.