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Shiatsu, Energies, Massages
15 rue du Diorama
1204 Genève
Phone: +41 76 740 74 11
Langues: French English
Diploma: Interantional School of Shiatsu, Kiental



My name is Nicolas Brugger, quite young, I already started to relieve muscular tension, using classical massage accompanied by energetic drainage.


Later, I studied geobiology which allowed me to draw parallels between the earth energy systems and those found in living beings.


Finally, I studied at the International School of Shiatsu in Kiental, Switzerland, where I specialized in this specific shiatsu practice ; I learned to touch the body releasing and mobilizing its energies with a liberating effect.


With all these experiences, I was able to earn my therapist degree in Shiatsu.


Visit my website at for more informations.