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Truly Balance

1296 Coppet
Phone: +41 79 558 30 92
Langues: English

TrulyBalance helps you move through life with ease!


Annette integrates both Body and Mind technics to help your body and mindto find better balance for happy, healthy living. 


REFLEXOLOGY treatments keep the channels between the bodies organs free flowing so that the body can heal itself. Headaches, immune system, cancer care.


SOPHROLOGY brings a deep inner level of relaxation both, for the mind and the body. After such a treatment, you feel like you have been on vacation! This technic is used successfully to treat burn-out, build confidence, improve sleep-patterns and used in pregnancy and self-development. 


REIKI treatments are equivalent to 4 hours of sleep! Energy balancing great for depression, emotional issues, cancer treatments. 


MASSAGES: Various massages are offered