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Personal Trainer
32, Chemin Franck Thomas
1208 Genève
Phone: +41 78 705 25 13
Langues: French English

High level athlete, I first decided to become a personal trainer and have evolved since towards physical training and reathletisation. Here is a summary of what I can bring you:



You practice a specific sport, as an amateur or professional, and would like to improve your performances? I am here to guide you through a specific planification of schedule, according to your objectives and various deadlines.


Developing physical qualities:

Strength - Speed - Power - Volume - Explosivity - Aeroby - Coordination - Motricity - Stability 


- Prevention, Reathletisation of an athlete 

- Clubs / independant athletes



You want to lose weight, get toned or just shape up your body?

I will guide you to reach your goals for you to feel better in your own body. 

We will follow a specific plan, according to your current physical and mental state. 


- Starting from scratch

- Fat loss

- Tone up 

- Specific program and constant followup

- BOOT CAMP outdoor/indoor

All these can be done in small Group Training as well!



- Army/Grenadier

- Firefighter

- Police

- Various state diplomas 


Sports played in the past

tennis, soccer, rugby, roller, English boxing, golf, ski, swimming, running

Morgan is the best personal trainer. Over the 2 years of working out with him, he has continued to surprise me with what I am capable of doing. Morgan takes time to get to know his clients to help each exceed their goals. Sessions are hard work, but never repetitive - he constantly introduces new techniques. Five stars are not enough for Morgan.
Avec Morgan, on ne s'ennuie pas. Il est à l'écoute de nos besoins, ses cours sont tous différents et bien préparés pour nous faire dépasser nos limites.
Morgan is a dedicated fitness expert , for me , was a great match. We develop a strong working relationship. He made me work pretty hard . I would like to say thank you. You are the best Personal ever !!!
Morgan est un pro! Il prepare ses cours à l avance, rien n'est répétitif, il innove en permanence! Il vous fait progresser de manière régulière pour atteindre vos objectifs. Toujours avec sourire et bonne humeur, chaque cours est une nouvelle expérience.