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Andrea Rudowski Colas

Acupuncture, Médecine Chinoise, Homéopathie
Rue Du-Roveray 20
1207 Genève
Phone: +41 22 736 16 09
Langues: French English
Diploma: Diplômée en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise et Homéopathie Classique

Chinese Medecine and Homeopathy to treat all aches and pains

Specialty : Chinese Sports Medecine

Certified ASCA and RME, reimbursed by supplementary insurance 


My therapeutic practice includes all Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques (Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Moxibustion, Diet), Japanese Moxibustion and Classical Homeopathy. Depending on your problem and wishes, I combine these different therapies which act in depth and stimulate the body to help regaining health, well-being, energy and vitality.


I created in Eaux-Vives district a harmonious and enveloping place of care in which you can relax and feel comfortable.

I propose a holistic approach to health and to the person with a completely customized treatment. My goal is to provide quality service to my patients by listening to them and devoting the necessary time, while seeking lasting results. I take only one patient at a time and the consultation time is fully devoted to you.


Passionate about sports - 25 years of classical and modern dance, intensive practice of martial arts and swimming - I naturally specialized in Chinese Sports Medicine. I help many athletes to recover their mobility and make their pain disappear.


Scope of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy

Pain, fatigue, digestive, respiratory, gynecological, skin, circulatory or psychological (stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.) disorders.

Chinese Medicine is also active in the field of aesthetic with face-lift acupuncture, weight loss and body contouring.

En tant que triathlète amateur ayant un gros volume d'entraînement, je consulte régulièrement Andrea lorsque mon corps me fait comprendre que le seuil de tolérance est proche. Ces derniers mois, elle m'a soigné efficacement une fascéite plantaire, une tendinite du biceps, ainsi qu'une périarthrite scapulo-humérale. Ses massages de préparation à la compétition et de récupération sont top. Je la recommande sans détour.