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Audrey Vitton

Ch. de la Cote 6
1032 Romanel sur Lausanne
Phone: +41 76 682 25 01
Langues: French English

Warm Welcome to you!



Ancenstral Massage technic practiced on your feet, by pressuring certain precise points and zones. You will be freed from tensions and find a global feeling of wellbeing. 

This method has an important impact on stress and various daily issues, such as digestive problems, insomnia, water retention, back aches etc

There is also the possibility to have your hands massaged, instead of your feet. Children are welcome. 



Treatment with the use of tibetan bowls and tuning forks

Special technic that heals through sound frequencies allowing for balancing the physical body and the energies. Sonotherapy is especially good to feel realxed and at peace. 


Music Therapy

Individual or group sessions

I work with sounds, vibrations, rythme, vocie and music so that everyone can express their own emotions and balance the body, mind and soul.

These sessions allow you to open up, feel and be and therefore face your emotional issues. You will feel a general state of relaxation.


Psycho-body Approach

This technic combines psychology, emotions and physical states to allow you to feel your body tensions and see where the energy is blocked to relieve these tensions. 


I look forward to welcoming you in my practices:

- Romanel sur Lausanne 

- Lutry