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Ludovic Favre

Rue Emile Yung 1
1205 Genève
Phone: +41 77 462 47 03
Langues: French English
Diploma: Thérapeute

Ludovic is a massage therapist, reflexology, Reiki and Yoga instructor. 

He has been working in the wellness industry for many years and has decided to become independant, while working within a physiotherapy center in Geneva. 


His many diplomas, experiences and training have allowed him to provide his customers with highly effictive and great quality treatments.


Ludovic is recognized by ASCA / RME and is covered by many different insurances. 

Cela fait maintenant plusieurs années que je connais Ludovic. C'est un thérapeute extrêmement compétent. Pas besoin de mots, Ludovic ressent les besoins du clients et propose un soin constamment adapté ! Une oasis de bien-être dans mon emploi du temps ! MERCI !