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Geneva Boxing

Rue des Minoteries 11
1205 Genève
Phone: +41 77 499 63 08
Langues: English French

14 Reasons to train with us!


1. we don’t include days free of work (like Christmas or summer break) in your subscription 

2. we use high quality boxing, MMA, krav maga,Karate  Systema and Muay Thai equipment – to get a maximum realistic self-defense experience

3. Have you ever felt unconfident or wanted to loose weight? Or maybe simply spend enjoyable time on learning some new skills? If you at least said yes, our classes are definitely for you! 

4. we offer unique mix of martial arts: English boxing, Aikido, Muay Thai, Kickboxing to provide effective self defense

5. we speak fluent 4 languages 

6. we use a unique equipment in self-defense to ensure that you will know how and where to strike an opponent

7. we provide contact 24h a day, thanks to technology and online system

8. we change exercises at every training, to make sure that you enjoy the trainings as well as advance. We appreciate your feedback!

9. we give you as a gift a free training equipment for our subscribers (during promotion) 

10. we have international martial arts experience and license

11. we give your body everything you need: fitness, cardio, proper stretching 

12. we recommend specific trainings based on your physical health 

13. we offer fair prices, support the youth and students with discounts, but still we are keen on delivering the highest quality

14. With us you’ll advance – we help you to meet your personal objectives, whether you want to master sparrings, learn how to efficiently use self-defense against an opponent with knife or start to do push-ups on one hand.