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Manger Mieux

Allée du Rionzi 1
1028 Préverenges
Phone: +41 79 612 53 55
Langues: French English
Diploma: Biologiste

Nutritionist and biologist, recognized and certified ASCA and Unil


Since 10 years my passion for nutrition is my mission: I will advise you the best diet to lose weight, feel better and heal. 


Learning to eat better if you are overweight, obese, suffering from food intolerances, diabetes, tumors, autoimmune diseases, is crucial.


Certified by UNIL for sports nutrition, my sports clients find incredible improvements with my nutritional strategies. 

Eating habits, physical fitness, body composition and health are strictly inter-dependent. The same foods and habits that make you fat, make you also sick. My goal is to offer you the best dietary advice to be better about yourself without depriving you and make you starve.

I believe that all calories are not created equal. Your Health depends on what you eat, not on how much: using food as medicine saves you the drugs and has effective and lasting results on weight.

Book your appointment in Préverenges, Gland or at home (Lausanne). Costs are reimbursed by your Complementary Insurance.