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Studio Iamfit

Pilates, Yoga & Danse
Chemin du Chêne 20
1020 Lausanne
Phone: +41 78 695 60 10
Langues: French English

Studio Iamfit, harmony in motion


As far as I can remember the practice of sport, dance and physical well-being are part of my life. That´s why I naturally choose to join passion and job and studied Physical Education with a specialization in Fitness Group Class and Training.


The Studio Iamfit :


- Studio Zen : Pilates Mat, Yoga (Hatha and Seasonal Yoga), Fly Yoga. Group class of 10 participants or Personal Training

- Studio Pilales with machines : Reformes, Cadillac & Tower. Group class of 5 participants or Personal Training

- Studio Dance/Cardio : Zumba, Kick Boxing Fitness


My philosophy: une vie toute en souplesse….or “harmony in motion” will offer an adapted training either for individual targets and goals or for group class.


- The quality of movements is much more important than the numbers of repetitions.

- Training is functional, that means you will use exercises (body alignment, proper muscle strength) in your daily life

- Workouts are based on your individual needs and targets, with realistic goals

- Timing in training will respect your inner clock, timing does not mean how fast your reach your goals, but to go there at your own rhythm, without injuries or stress