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Graine de Soleil

Rue Bernex 276
1233 Bernex
Phone: +41 22 757 16 69
Langues: French English

Passionate about nutrition since the early 90's, I first suffered from the yo-yo effects as well as an autoimmune disease, when I was 29! From that point on, I decided to focus more on my wellbeing than on my figure and appearance. 


In 2010, I followed a training in Holistic Nutrition, putting body and mind in balance. This has been the first step towards a new life, "Living Raw Food". 
In 2012, I followed the "Life Changing Programme" at the Hippocrates Institue in West Palm Beach. I discovered what it meant to feel good and knoew that I would never go back to my old lifestyle. I then followed various trainings in England to complete my "Raw Chef" education. I am also a certified "Raw Food Teache"


I offer you the following: 

- Raw cooking classes

- Brunch, once a month, 100% Raw and Vegan

- Markets of Onex and Bernex

- Order cakes and cheeses! 100% Raw and Vegan


I am also certified in Sympathicotheray and Reiki (Usui and Unity)

j'ai participé "pour voir" à un cours d'intorduction au cru. Génial! j'ai passé un très agréable moment, et j'ai très envie de recommencer et d'y entrainer des amies. Il faut plus qu'un cours pour oser se lancer seule à faire les délicieuses recettes . Merci