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Terms and Conditions

  • Objet

The Terms and Conditions presented here represent the applicable rules to follow for the website, for the Job Offer section (“OSM Jobs”). One Step More is part of Arfind Sàrl, a Swiss company based in Lausanne, Vaud.


  • 2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The use of OSM Jobs indicates the acceptance of all the following conditions without any reserves or conditions.  


  • Pricing

Should a user be interested in posting a job offer on the platform of One Step More, he/she agrees to create a Client Profile to then be able to post a job offer. The pricing (in Swis Francs) of such ads on the website are as follows:

  • 50.- for 2 weeks of visibility on the website
  • 90.- for 4 weeks of visibility on the website

3 days before the end of the ad validity, the user will receive an email informing that the job offer will not be shown on the website unless he/she decides to renew this add.


  • Offer


OSM Jobs offers the possibility to professionals from the sports, nutrition and wellness industries to post an online job offer. OSM Jobs is a platform that helps people get in touch with one another but is no way part of any possible contract that might come out as a result of such connection.


  • Editorial Content

Possible candidates can freely access all the offers posted on OSM Jobs. One Step More has the right to publish or not certain ads as well as modify them should they not respect the standards of quality and values of One Step More. The published ads only bound the client publishing the post.


  • Use of Content of One Step More

Users are bound to use One Step More’s platform for legal matters, respecting the Swiss laws and regulations, as well as the present Terms and Conditions. Should this not be the case, the users will be held responsible and consequences, according to the law, will apply.


  • Cookies

One Step More takes the right to place cookies when users access the webpage of The goal is to save the information concerning the way the user surfs online, without identifying the users themselves. Some of the functions used on One Step More require the use of cookies. However, there is an option that allows the user to deactivate the option in the settings of the browser.


  • Intellectual Property

The presentation as well as all the content, including logo, name and brand appearing on One Step More are protected by the law of Intellectual Property and are either owned by One Step More or have the authorization to be used on the website of One Step More. Nothing on One Step More can be used, copied, sold, distributed or modified in any way without the authorization of One Step More.


  • Limitation of guarantee and responsibility

One Step More is not responsible whatsoever of any prejudice caused by an issue of the system of and this includes, but not limited to any virus, breakdown of the system or other dysfunction of the system.

One Step More does not guarantee that the users of OSM Jobs will find a qualified employee for the job offers. However, the users will take advantage of the network created by One Step More and One Step More is dedicated to keep it growing, therefore, increasing the visibility for all.


  • Miscellaneous

One Step More can modify at any given time the current Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of the users to regularly check the Terms and Conditions that apply.


  • Applicable Law

Should there be a legal issue, the current Terms and Conditions will be used and will follow the Swiss Law. All users agree to such conditions and the jurisdiction that applies is in Lausanne, VD, Switzerland.