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Fitness Trainer
Rue du Centre 164
1007 Lausanne
Téléphone: +41 78 626 5253
Langues: Français Anglais
Diplômes: Personal Fitness Trainer Level 3

ZimFit is your sustainable health and fitness solution right here in Switzerland. Using Kathy's background in the Military and Sport, she brings together the mind, body and environment in a team atmosphere. Kathy’s ZimFit sessions are sociable, fun, and take full advantage of the stunning setting of the Lake Geneva region.

ZimFit focuses on Functional Outdoor Training, Fun,  Recreational Fitness and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention

Sessions Include:

Outdoor Circuits, bootcamp-style fitness sessions. Training involves TRX, BOSU, Kettelbells, Boxing, Bodyweight, Crossfit style exercises, slackline, HIIT and utilising the natural and manmade environment.

Cross-Country Skiing Lessons, for beginners and intermediate, private or in small groups.

Mountain Bike confidence training.

ZimFit has been operating in Geneva, Versoix and Lausanne, 12 months of the year,  since 2009. Kathy is a qualified and registered Fitness Trainer, Mountain Bike and Cross Country level 2 instructor, Crossfit level 1 and Swimming teacher.

Kathy is a fabulous trainer. Have had personal trainer previously and was a bit concerned going to a bootcamp as my experience was technique can be overlooked by the instructor however Kathy doesn't let us get away with bad technique and makes sure everyone in comfortable with and able for all movements/exercises in the sessions - she also tailors it for different people so those more fit still get a great workout without leaving us less fit trailing behind. Sessions are challenging, fun and always very varied! Kathy is also great with rehab and conscious of people's injuries etc - currently helping me recover from skiing injury. The groups are good fun and there is always banter - when we have enough breath to speak. In addition Kathy also organises other activities for people interested including mountain biking, cross country skiing, paddle boarding......etc! Would definitely recommend Zimfit and Kathy to anyone looking to start getting fit or wanting to build on their fitness.